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Imagine for a moment that you own a plant and notice it is wilting. How can you revive its health? You might consider providing water, more sunlight, or even nutrients like fertilizer. These are important factors to consider when dealing with a wilting plant. If these additions don't yield positive results, then the plant may be affected by pests or planted in unhealthy, toxic soil.

Similar principles apply to your body and overall health, particularly in relation to neuropathy. To ensure proper functioning, your body requires everything it needs. Just like a living organism, such as a plant, we have specific requirements, and if they are not met, dysfunction and eventually dis-ease occurs. In the case of peripheral neuropathy, if the nerves in your arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, or toes do not receive the necessary nutrients and growth factors from the blood, they will begin to deteriorate, leading to neuropathy.

So, what would you do if a plant is wilting? You would provide it with water, sunlight, and nutrients. That's precisely what we aim to do for your nerves. Our goal is to facilitate the growth of new blood vessels and increase blood flow to nourish the nerves back to health.

Let's delve into the meaning of this approach. Neuropathy requires a comprehensive treatment strategy that addresses the affected areas from multiple angles. Through our extensive experience, we have developed a nine-part therapy regimen that effectively treats neuropathy, with each component being equally important.

Peak Health Center - Neuropathy

At Peak Health Center, we utilized an efficient and comfortable Neuropathy Severity Exam to accurately determine the extent of nerve damage with exceptional precision, down to a tenth of a percent. This diagnostic approach enables us to determine your eligibility for our comprehensive neuropathy treatment protocol. Even if travel distance is a challenge, we offer a convenient at-home program that allows us to evaluate your condition and provide treatment for your neuropathy from the convenience of your home.

We have discovered that a comprehensive approach is crucial for treating neuropathy. It cannot be resolved simply with medication or injections, as peripheral neuropathy is influenced by numerous factors. Therefore, we adopt a holistic approach to its treatment.

Our neuropathy treatment encompasses various methods, including light therapy, which stimulates the formation of new blood vessels; electrotherapy, which repairs, rebuilds, regenerates, and reeducates the nerves; metabolic management programs for blood sugar monitoring and enhancing balance; as well as other natural approaches to improving joint, nerve, and muscle health.

All these elements converge in our comprehensive neuropathy treatment program. When patients visit our clinic, we create a customized program tailored specifically to their needs. We determine the required number of clinic visits and outline any necessary at-home care protocols to facilitate their recovery.

The peak Approach to Neuropathy addresses the underlying causes of neuropathy, not just treating and managing the symptoms with medications or injections.