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Born out of passion, the mission of Peak Health Center is to transform the health of as many families in the triangle area as possible through the principal of chiropractic, and the natural laws of healing. Following a largely successful associate practice in Rochester NY, Dr. Kenneth LaDue was called to bring his passion of helping others to Cary, NC, where he opened the doors to LaDue Family Chiropractic in 2008.

The practice evolved quickly, but after his own health challenges in 2019, due to toxic mold, he discovered two very important things that drove him to make a change. Losing his health allowed him to discover how much losing your health impacts your family, and he discovered the added value that Functional Medicine would bring to his patients.

This is how the Peak Method was born. It was to include the same methods he used to save his life in 2019. (it is to include chiropractic care, functional medicine, cutting edge lab testing and advanced therapeutic modalities.) Through his studies with Dr. Patrick Flynn and FMU, he discovered this same methodology would help with many other conditions people suffer from every day. Dr. LaDue believes that the cornerstone of health lies in empowering our patient community, through education and knowledge, and the steps to apply it to the family as a whole.

Your Choice Roadmap

The Peak Method:

(Our Motto: Remove the Interference and Give The Body What it needs)

Will provide you with simple, practical, and affordable solutions to find the root causes of disease. We will use a 4 step system to locate the cause of dysfunction, give the body proper nutrition and supplements, to help you achieve your best health possible, The Peak Method is designed to always help seek the root cause of your challenges.

We will always:

  1. listen carefully,
  2. test thoroughly,
  3. discover the cause
  4. restore your health.

The peak method provides you with the roadmap to health restoration to activate your own inner healer and becoming your own cure!

Peak - How We are Different

How We are Different

The difference is found in our beliefs when it comes to your health.

At Peak Health Center we believe that:

The best doctor in the world lives inside of you. That you are fearfully and wonderfully made. If you remove the interference, and give the body what it needs, your body is designed to heal and thrive. Therefore, nothing can fix your body better than it can fix itself.

We believe that your health journey begins and ends at home. Health is a family affair. It is not only better to get healthy together, but easier when everyone is on the same page. Health is hard to achieve when you are on an island, and everyone around you is doing the things that got you to where you are now! We love to get full families healthy and will help with strategies to make your home a safe zone when it comes to healthy choices.