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Kenneth D. LaDue, DC, CFMP

Dr. Kenneth LaDue, along with his wife Maryjane are the owners and founders of Peak Weight Loss and LFC Wellness Center in Cary, NC.

Dr. LaDue was born and raised in Rochester, NY. After attending The State University Of New York at Brockport, Dr. LaDue received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY. Dr. LaDue has received an additional certification as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner from FMU, as well as received advanced trainings in spinal correction, toxicity, exercise, and nutrition from some of the largest health clinics in the world. Dr. LaDue’s passion is to constantly stay up to date with the latest scientific based research and protocols in natural health care today.

Our mission is to transform the health of as many families in the triangle area through the principal of chiropractic, and the natural laws of healing. It is our foundational principle that the body is designed to heal itself. Although medications have a time and place, as a society, we are often all too quick to utilize these dangerous options. Dr. LaDue has built the practice through the passion for helping patients understand these truths, and to change the way full families view their health care. Nothing drives us more than seeing amazing results in our patients through correcting their nervous systems, as well as helping them apply the most cutting-edge procedures in Natural health care. Our vision is a community achieving health in abundance, and living out their purpose through these principles of health and healing.



Maryjane LaDue

Maryjane LaDue

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Maryjane LaDue is the co-founder and co-owner of Peak Weight Loss. Maryjane is a native of Western NY and has made North Carolina her home since 2007. Maryjane has been helping people transform the way they think about and look at food since 2008. She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, that specializes in Weight Loss. She will be your biggest resource, support and cheerleader for you throughout your weight loss journey.

Maryjane is passionate about helping people lose excess weight, so they can better serve their mission, purpose, and passions on this Earth. She coaches people through the mindset shift of changing their relationship with food, releasing body fat, and gaining the freedom to confidently accomplish their passions.

Maryjane is also a wife and a boy mom to 3 amazing sons! She is truly a soccer mom and spends most weekends at the soccer fields watching her children play. In her free time she can be found playing around in the kitchen trying new recipes. She has a knack for transforming traditional recipes to new healthy recipes that are gluten, dairy and cane sugar free. She loves to eat and wants food to taste good while properly fueling the body. She also enjoys spending time with her family, yoga, running, hiking and reading.



Christina Weaver

Christina Weaver

Office Manager

Christina is a California native, having been born and raised in Fallbrook, just outside of San Diego. She moved to North Carolina first in 2002, where she attended UNC Greensboro to study Business. She quickly realized that Business was not for her, and ended up going to school for Esthetics in the midst of relocating back to California. Family brought her back to North Carolina in 2016, where she finished her over 10 year career as an Esthetician before finding her way to Peak Health Center in 2021!

Christina realized early on that her passion is helping others and being an integral part in helping people succeed and achieve their goals. As an Esthetician she was able to connect with and help not only her clients, but her colleagues as well, taking up the mantle of leadership and mentorship with her fellow estheticians. Through Peak Health Center as our Office Manager, her leadership skills are now utilized for Dr. Ken’s mission by serving our patients and cheering them on throughout their own health journeys. Since becoming our Office Manager, she has undertaken her own Wellness Journey with Dr. Ken and has found a newfound appreciation for reading labels in the grocery store and picking Maryjane’s brain for recipes!

Christina is a furbaby mom to both a dog and a cat who are her whole world! She is a former classically trained pianist and vocalist, though now she prefers all performances to be in the shower. She spends most of her free time hosting dance parties in her living room or reading any and everything she can get her hands on. She is also an avid fan of video games, or curling up at home to binge watch the latest season of Bridgerton.



Jen Guinta

Jen Guinta

Chiropractic Assistant

Jen is a native of Central New York, having been born and raised in Syracuse, and has called North Carolina home since 2013. After graduating High School, Jen began her career as a licensed Cosmetologist, and has been in the business of helping and serving others ever since.

Jen’s passions fully align with those of Peak Health Center! As our Chiropractic Assistant, she enjoys having the opportunity to pour knowledge and support into our patients. Jen’s own journey to health began in 2013 when she first started getting adjustments regularly. Over the years, she has enjoyed sharing her experience in order to help others along their own journey to health! Jen wants nothing more than to see each and every patient succeed and get well and is driven by her own story to help others heal.

Jen loves being an Auntie to 8 - four humans and four furbabies! Jen is also very passionate about clean ingredients and holistic alternatives to common, everyday products, and can tell you anything you’ve ever wanted to know about essential oils. In her spare time, Jen loves to read and can most often be found snuggled up with a pup or two!