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By shifting the traditional disease centered focus of medical practice to an individualized, patient centered approach, Your team of health professionals at Peak Health Center, are able to address the whole person, rather than the symptoms they present with. The success of this approach is rooted in our practitioners ability of truly getting to know their patients. We do this by spending time to review your comprehensive health interview, one on one time with the doctors, cutting edge laboratory analysis, This allows for a truly unique plan to be created to get to the root causes of your problems. In this way we are supporting the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual patient.

Most people don’t understand why their body isn’t acting the way they want it to. At Peak Health Center, we are dedicated to finding the answers you desire, no matter what. Our approach starts with one of the major principles of chiropractic care. We refer to these as The Three T’s. We believe there are three factors that impact and create disorder within the body. The three forms of stress: trauma, toxins, and thoughts.

  • Traumas are events both big and small that affect your physical body.
  • Toxins are external substances that get into your body and compromise the functioning of key system function.
  • Thoughts are patterns of beliefs that inform mental and emotional distress both consciously and unconsciously.
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Our Doctors and coaches have a deep knowledge of the body and how the systems work together to create total health. That’s what makes our approach, called The Peak Method, so different. We understand that each individual system of the body works in harmony with the other systems. All of the body’s systems are connected. If one system of the body is not functioning properly, we can see great negative impacts of the function of other parts of the body. The Three T’s affect the body in infinite ways. So discovering why and how the Three T’s are affecting your body specifically is the first step to overcoming your health problems, big or small.

So how do we do this?

Identifying the Root Causes

A proper clinical diagnosis cannot be made on your symptoms alone. Finding the missing pieces to your overall health requires looking at the bigger picture. That is why we use powerful and proven laboratory testing to get to the root cause of your health challenges, and to get a true blueprint of your physiology, to help you overcome the health problems caused by the stressors in your life.

Often, incomplete medical testing, driven by managed, care leaves practitioners shooting in the dark. Complete testing provides the whole picture and guides the next steps. We work with a number of leading labs throughout the country to bring patients the most innovative and powerful testing. At Peak Health Center, diagnostic testing, and warranted lifestyle modification is the foundation of what we do to get you back to your best health possible. We will stop at nothing to uncover the root causes that are holding you back. In turn, we hope to give you renewed sense of hope, purpose, and understanding of your body, and a road map to full recovery!!!

Restoring Your Health

After we help you understand why and how the Three Ts are affecting your health, we work along side you to gently guide your body back to homeostasis. What is homeostasis? It is the processes embedded in you as a human being that programs your systems for normalcy. When all the systems of your body are functioning together, your body will naturally self-regulate and return to healthy function.

Simply put, once we find your missing piece, we can help you become whole again.

Our highly-trained clinicians and staff will work with you every step of the way, providing you with the essential guidance to overcome the Three Ts using a personalized plan informed by your unique biology. From hands-on chiropractic care to personalized nutrition programs, lifestyle changes, and more. Our dedicated team understands that every individual is different, and a truly unique combination of steps and measures must be taken to bring you back to total wellness.

It won’t be easy, but our team is here to support you. It is our passion because when you are in control of your health and wellbeing, no one can keep you from living the life you were intended to live.

The 4 Step Process

First, we listen. Unlike traditional healthcare models, we aim to understand your health journey and your goals for the future. As your health restoration partner, we genuinely want to know where you have been and where you want to go when it comes to your health goals. If you have been struggling with a debilitating health concern, your first visit will provide you with the comfort of discovering a new way of thinking driven by clinicians who think outside of the box when compared to traditional medical thinking.
You are individually unique!! Rather than a one-size-fits-all medical approach, we utilize the most in-depth testing, and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to uncover the hidden sources of your health problems. In fact, we constantly research new testing methods to provide you with the deepest dive into your health available today. This is how we find the missing piece to your overall health success. The pieces that traditional healthcare is not looking for. This is how the Peak Method stands alone.
Once your results are in, we work with you to provide a detailed analysis of your testing, and give you the deepest possible understanding of your health. At this point in the process, we will go beyond the limitations of traditional healthcare, once again, to finally deliver an explanation as to why your body is failing and present you with the necessary steps to restore your body’s ability to heal. This is called your Peak Plan for Recovery.
Following the steps of your Health Recovery Plan means partnering with our highly-trained clinicians and staff to transform your life and your health in different ways. From hands-on chiropractic care, to personalized nutrition programs, unique detoxification methods, and more, our passionate team understands that every individual is different, and we empower you with a unique plan of action to truly address the underlying cause of health challenges. Here, you are not alone on your journey toward the well-being you deserve. We are with you every step of the way, helping you find the answers to restore your life and your health.

Our Founder



Dr. Kenneth LaDue, is the owner and founder of Peak Health Center in beautiful Cary, NC

Dr. LaDue was born and raised in Rochester, NY. After attending The State University of New York at Brockport, Dr. LaDue received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY.

Dr. LaDue has received an additional certification as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner from FMU, as well as received advanced trainings in spinal correction, toxicity, exercise, and nutrition from some of the largest health clinics in the world. Dr. LaDue’s passion is to constantly stay up to date with the latest scientific based research and protocols in natural health care today.

Our mission is to transform the health of as many families in the triangle area through the principal of chiropractic, and the natural laws of healing. It is our foundational principle that the body is designed to heal itself. Although medications have a time and place, as a society, we are often all too quick to utilize these dangerous options.

Dr. LaDue has built the practice through the passion for helping patients understand these truths, and to change the way full families view their health care. Nothing drives us more than seeing amazing results in our patients through correcting their nervous systems, as well as helping them apply the most cutting-edge procedures in natural health care today. Our vision is a community achieving health in abundance and living out their purpose through these principles of health and healing.